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Statics documents for to go thanks to the smart FRILO App
Statics documents for to go thanks to the smart FRILO App

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StaticsToGo puts an end to paper chaos

Stuttgart, July 21, 2021: Whether during flying visits to the construction site or in project-related meetings – structural engineers sometimes carry around stacks of their statics calculations with them. The successful synthesis of the FRILO Document Designer and the StaticsToGo App now provides a remedy. All results can be integrated in one document as a central data source and carried with you on a mobile device.

The FRILO Software has over 100 individual calculation programs in its portfolio, which precisely solve respective static tasks. The structural engineer benefits from the great flexibility and the high problem-solving abilities of the software. On the other hand, in the context of a comprehensive construction project, it is not uncommon for him to reach out to a large number of calculation programs at the same time. The FRILO Document Designer (FDD for short) was developed to avoid having to laboriously collage the numerous output documents for each calculation. The FDD optimizes the management, integration and processing of the output documents by putting together all items of the FRILO programs from a certain project in one overall document - compact, convenient and clear. The program is opened by double-clicking on the desired project in the FRILO Control Center (short: FCC). The still empty document can now be edited under the "Items" tab. After the user has opened the respective calculation program by clicking on "New item" in the FDD, the carried-out calculations are fed directly into the output document. All items inserted in this way are sorted in chapters. An automatically generated table of contents as well as the reliable, continuous numbering of the chapters, subchapters and pages give the coherent statics document an orderly structure in no time at all. In addition, there is an option of designing the created PDF document according to your own requirements. The user is not only able to add to the document new chapters, sub-chapters, toolboxes and components, but also a title page, preliminary remarks as well as closing and blank pages. Individual items can be moved within the document using Drag & Drop option. Another function allows to add external text documents and worksheets into the project document for optimized data management. Supported file formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenDocument Text and PDF. Thanks to additional layout options, document format, margins, font type and size can be defined and layout templates can be created.

Statics documents for to go

The convenient document management is complemented by the FRILO StaticsToGo app. With it, users can easily take their completed statics documents with them anywhere on their mobile device. This puts an end to the paper chaos on construction sites or in meetings. The app synchronizes all project and document structures from FDD with the respective smartphone or tablet, so that the complete structural analysis document can then be accessed offline as a PDF. The presentation of the document on a smartphone or tablet corresponds to the familiar desktop view. Furthermore, users can add notes to the respective items in the app according to their preferences. Back in the office, the notes can be synchronized again and displayed on the desktop for processing. In the spirit of the Common Data Environment, the app serves as a central data source for all structural planners and inspecting structural engineers, because data and ideas can be bundled and exchanged using the note function. In addition to the basic version, a paid pro edition of the app with an extended range of functions is available. It enables the user to add photos and graphics to the statics document. The photos can be taken directly on site with the camera or uploaded into the app from an existing album. Markings are also possible with the Draw function. The app is available for the common operating systems Android and iOS.



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