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Nemetschek Group Shakes Up the Industry by Launching First Horizontal and Open Digital Twin Platform dTwin

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Nemetschek Group Shakes Up the Industry by Launching First Horizontal and Open Digital Twin Platform dTwin

Munich, 18 October 2023 – The Nemetschek Group today announced the availability of its SaaS Digital Twin platform, dTwin. The horizontal, open platform delivers data-driven insights and helps customers to efficiently manage facilities from design to operations. It is the first solution in the industry that fuses all data sources of a building in one overarching view.

From planning through construction to the operation of a building, there are enormous amounts of data created by multiple stakeholders. However, this valuable information resides mostly in silos and thus becomes inaccessible throughout a building’s lifecycle. This results in major inefficiencies due to constant and tedious re-work. Moreover, outdated and incomplete information leads to poor and error prone decisions which negatively affect the performance of buildings and increase operational costs. The new Nemetschek solution dTwin is bringing together all relevant information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and more with the real-time streams from building operations and all other sources that can be connected via the open API interfaces, thus bridging the gap between Design, Construction, and Operations and enabling a true open data driven Building Lifecycle Intelligence™ approach.

“Our new digital twin solution dTwin significantly enhances visibility, increases efficiency, and enables data-driven decision-making”, says César Flores Rodríguez, Chief Division Officer Planning & Design and Digital Twin at the Nemetschek Group. “Particularly the fusion of various data sources in dTwin is a strong differentiator compared to other solutions in the market.”

Dr. Jimmy Abualdenien, Head of Digital Twin Product at the Nemetschek Group, adds: “dTwin intelligently structures the information and properly links it across systems, throughout the complete lifecycle of a building. The benefit is harmonized information streaming from various data sources.”

A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical asset; this may be a component, a system, or a whole building. More importantly, the virtual replica is continuously fed with real-time information from the physical object, reflecting its current state. With this, a digital twin not only allows for accurate visualizations, but moreover derives insights through analysis, simulations, and optimizations.

With dTwin, decision makers can efficiently track, filter and query all relevant information and derive purpose-tailored insights. Real-time dashboards reveal operational insights and complete reports, delivering project information and analysis to different stakeholders – from AEC service providers to operators and owners.

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About the Nemetschek Group

The Nemetschek Group is a globally leading software provider for digital transformation in the AEC/O and media industries. Its intelligent software solutions cover the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects and enable creatives to optimize their workflows. Customers can design, build, and manage buildings and infrastructures more efficiently and sustainably and develop digital content such as visualizations, films and computer games more creatively. The software provider is driving innovations such as digital twins as well as open standards (OPEN BIM), and sustainability in the AEC/O industry, constantly expanding its portfolio by also investing in deep-tech startups. Currently more than seven million users worldwide are shaping the world with the customer-focused solutions of our four divisions. Founded by Prof. Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs around 3,600 experts globally.

Publicly listed since 1999 and quoted on the MDAX and TecDAX, the company generated revenues amounting to EUR 801.8 million and an EBITDA of EUR 257.0 million in 2022.


Ulrike Beringer

Ulrike Beringer

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