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The Solibri extension from dRofus (c) dRofus
The Solibri extension from dRofus (c) dRofus

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Connect Data with Geometry using the Solibri Extension

Oslo, Norway - March 14, 2023 - Are you tired of switching between multiple software programs to access critical data for your projects? With the dRofus extension for Solibri, you can now access live data from a dRofus database directly within Solibri.

dRofus is a powerful data management tool for building information modeling (BIM) projects. It enables users to store, manage, and access crucial project data, such as room data sheets, and equipment lists, in a centralized location. The dRofus extension for Solibri builds on this capability by allowing you to view, browse, and edit dRofus data within Solibri.

When you select a room in Solibri, the Property Panel displays data from the corresponding room in the dRofus database. You can change room data, browse the log history, and view images all while working on your daily Solibri tasks. Additionally, the extension allows you to access equipment lists and other third-party documentation related to the selected room, providing you with additional information and context for your project.

One of the most significant benefits of the dRofus extension for Solibri is the ability to edit dRofus data directly from Solibri. This feature allows you to enrich your Solibri experience with live data from dRofus, streamlining your workflow and reducing the time spent switching between different programs.

Moreover, if you need more in-depth information, the quick access link to dRofus Web will take you there instantly. This integration between Solibri and dRofus offers a seamless user experience, making it easier for you to manage project data and improve collaboration across your team.

In conclusion, the dRofus extension for Solibri offers a powerful and efficient way to access and manage project data. With its ability to seamlessly integrate live data from dRofus into Solibri, it is a must-have for BIM professionals looking to streamline their workflow and improve collaboration.



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Brian Hope

Brian Hope

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