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ALLPLAN launches Allplan Cloud services with Allplan Subscriptions

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ALLPLAN launches Allplan Cloud services with Allplan Subscriptions

Enhanced design-to-build workflows with Allplan Cloud

Munich, December 14, 2023 – ALLPLAN, a global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today announced Allplan Cloud, a consolidated solution that promises to elevate design-to-build workflows for optimal efficiency. From October 1, 2023, Allplan Cloud will be seamlessly integrated into all Allplan Subscriptions, offering a range of features to unlock the full potential of data. The very first release in the expanding Allplan Cloud portfolio is the Allplan Cloud Viewer, an IFC file visualization tool. This versatile tool is now available free of charge to all Allplan Subscription users and Bimplus Professional users.

Allplan Cloud bridges the gap between desktop and cloud applications, providing users with a robust cloud-based BIM collaboration platform. Subscription users will gain access to essential multi-user tools, that enable seamless project collaboration from anywhere. The platform also empowers teams to efficiently manage and distribute drawings and plans, promoting streamlined teamwork in the office. Furthermore, Allplan Cloud introduces specialized cloud applications for structural analysis solutions, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive experience.

“We are extremely proud of our approach to cloud-based processes through Allplan Cloud services and this latest development of Allplan Cloud Viewer which also incorporates state-of-the-art technology from That Open Company. ALLPLAN is dedicated to supporting superior OPEN BIM collaboration and delivering superior design-to-build workflows for AEC professionals across building and infrastructure projects”, says Nigel Rees, Product Director Cloud Services at ALLPLAN.

Allplan Cloud Viewer

The new technology IFC file viewer, Allplan Cloud Viewer, initially embedded in Bimplus, allows users to rapidly visualize an IFC file. Rather than uploading and waiting for large IFC files, users can now quickly preview a new file, view, and check IFC models visually before fully uploading and creating a revision in Bimplus.

“Allplan Cloud Viewer offers additional workflows for fast viewing IFC files within Bimplus. Even extremely large IFC files can now be viewed exceptionally quickly, with open to view times – depending on the content and filesize - up to 100 times faster than viewing associated with upload and processing”, explains Thomas Müller, Product Manager Allplan Cloud & Bimplus. “In addition, for BIM based projects users can now easily and promptly view the original IFC file and compare it with further processed models in Bimplus. Finally, users can quickly view uploaded IFC files in the document management area of Bimplus.”

Roman Christen, Head of Building Construction from the Swiss construction company Christen AG testifies: “Model-based construction with BIM is the future, and ALLPLAN’s Bimplus is the central software for collaboration. I am thrilled with Bimplus. It offers so many possibilities but is still clear and fast."

Allplan Cloud Services

Allplan Cloud includes the functionality of Bimplus by ALLPLAN, and former standalone ALLPLAN products such as Allplan Share, Allplan Exchange and Allplan Workgroup Manager. ALLPLAN is committed to continuously integrating its authoring tools with its collaboration offerings including integration with recently upgraded plan distribution functionality and our cloud-based model management tool. It also includes additional applications such as Autoconverter for exchange with structural analysis solutions. Additionally, a 12-month subscription to Solibri Inside for seamless model checking is available for new Allplan subscriptions purchased before December 31, 23.

“Collaboration is a crucial pillar for successful project delivery, whether within teams or spanning multiple stakeholders. Our core design principles focus on improving the efficiency of design-to-build workflows including via cloud-based processes. Our overarching goal is to provide users with a comprehensive solution that enables efficient collaboration across all their projects. This means granting appropriate individuals access to pertinent data, regardless of their location, all within a secure and high-performing workflow”, stated Product Director Nigel Rees.


Allplan Cloud services are available with all Allplan Subscriptions. The Allplan Cloud Viewer is now available through Allplan Cloud services or via Bimplus Professional.

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