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Allplan 2022-1 with workflow for Lumion and improvements in parametric road design
Allplan 2022-1 with workflow for Lumion and improvements in parametric road design

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ALLPLAN announces update of its BIM solution Allplan 2022

Munich, April 7, 2022 - ALLPLAN, provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, today introduced the service release of its latest version Allplan 2022. The BIM solution stands for the integrated working method of architects, engineers, and contractors on a single platform, from the initial design to successful implementation on the construction site. This new service release Allplan 2022-1 offers a Technical Preview for live synchronization with Lumion rendering software for fast, realistic visualizations. There are also various detailed improvements such as in parametric road design.

Highlights in Allplan 2022-1

Technical Preview: Rapid workflow for realistic visualizations with Lumion

With the new LiveSync point-of-view synchronization between Allplan and Lumion, changes to the model or viewing direction in Allplan are immediately applied in Lumion. In this way, you can easily generate visualizations with Lumion in a very short time, especially for realistic representations of vegetation, interior design or moving objects such as people or vehicles.

Parametric Road Design with Allplan

Within Allplan a road model is calculated based on assigned cross-section templates. All plans and reports can be automatically derived directly from the model. The parametric concept allows the gradient of a road axis to be subsequently changed or, for example, the terrain base data to be easily adjusted. In addition to high performance, Allplan impresses with an intuitive user interface, straightforward input workflows and a wide range of functions for model detailing. New in the service release are additional components for automated plan output, improved input of vertical axis geometry, and significantly accelerated graphical display of the terrain model.

Interoperability: End to end connectivity for Civil and Bridge Designers

BIM for Bridges and digital workflows in the infrastructure space are becoming increasingly important to reduce errors and promote efficient communication throughout disciplines. Therefore, Bimplus now supports new road alignment workflows between Allplan Bridge and other road and civil engineering solutions. Allplan Bridge users can now create dedicated parametric bridge models based on alignments from other solutions, and via Bimplus, synchronize alignment amends within the bridge model.


Allplan 2022-1 is available via the Auto Update function in Allplan or on Allplan Connect.

For more information, visit: Features Allplan AEC 2022




Janet Kästner

Janet Kästner

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